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Top 6 Simple Risk Solutions

Running a business is hard, but these simple risk solutions can make things much easier and may also allow your business to outlive your competitors.

  • Become a risk professional
  • Risk Asses your competitor
  • Do strategic risk assessment of your own organization
  • Document business policy and procedure
  • Draft business continuity/resilience plans
  • Buy Insurance

These simple tips may save you a bundle, but what if you don’t know how to make use of this information, Call Future Services International, we will help you decide was is right for you and reveal even more simple solutions for the success of your organization.
At Risk Companies

Many Jamaican companies and organizations don’t realize that they are at risk until they have been hit with multi-million dollar lawsuits. If you have employees, customers, clients, an office, shop, food outlet, store or any other place of business that is open to the public – then you are certainly at risk, however certain businesses and professions are at higher risk.
High Risk Businesses and Professions:

  • Medicine
  • Media
  • Insurance
  • Financial
  • Manufacturing and Food
  • Transport

These professions don’t leave much room for error and therefore one simple mistake may cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, even millions.
Future Services International Ltd is one of the few Jamaican companies offering Enterprise Wide Risk Management services (ERM) aimed at reducing company losses and increasing gains. For more information on ERM for business success please call Yaneek Page at (876) 908-3644.