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Our Managing Director was featured in The Gleaner & PSOJ: ’50 Under Fifty’ – Article, Published October 30, 2012.

Aug 2013

Yaneek Page

Age   34
Title  Founder
Company  Future Services Limited

Yaneek Page is pioneer in litigant support services and enterprise wide risk management in the Caribbean, having founded Future Services International Limited, the first company in the region to specialise in legal funding and helping companies manage enterprise risks.

Page is widely regarded as one of Jamaica’s most dynamic young entrepreneurs. Interestingly, she describes herself as a late bloomer.

“I’m not sure I would describe myself as a driven or highly motivated child. I wanted to make my parents proud, so I used to have ambitions of becoming a doctor or a lawyer. I would definitely say I was a late bloomer who didn’t come into my own until university,” Page said.

At university, Page distinguished herself as an outstanding scholar, having been awarded the Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies Scholarship from the Ministry of Education in Jamaica in 2003.

Page went on to create history at the institute by graduating at the top of her class and winning all the awards for that year.

“I entered the University of the West Indies by the skin of my teeth and, five years later, I had completed two degrees, received a full academic scholarship and created history,” Page said.

Page has a bachelor’s degree in management studies and psychology and a master’s degree in social policy. She is also a certified trainer in entrepreneurship, a certified business resilience manager, and trainer in enterprise-wide risk management and business continuity planning.

“My passion is to help others live better lives and selfactualise. Being boastful will never advance those objectives. I’m from a family of entrepreneurs and I have seen riches go to rags with the change of an industry or economy. That keeps me grounded,” Page said.

Page won the regional NCB Nation Builder Awards 2011, in the category ‘Women in Business’. She is the creator of The Innovators, Jamaica’s first business-focused reality TV series, which aims to help struggling entrepreneurs and skilled professionals revamp their businesses and make more money.

Page is also the creator of Camp Millionaire, the Caribbea’s first entrepreneurship summer camp for teens, where teenagers are taught the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, business management and wealth creation.

In October 2011, Page was an invitee at a special Women’s Entrepreneurial Network event hosted by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

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